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March 22, 2020
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10 Mind Blowing Mac Accessories Your Mac Devices Definitely Can't Do Without

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Clearly, it's a known fact that Mac Devices have been the ultimate favorite amongst consumers since the time they had launched and are still prominent holders of that position even today. The last quarter sales show the global popularity this branch of Apple technology continues to have in the world of PC or laptop users and there's definitely no doubt about that. Mac is one of the finest machines existing in the market that truly makes work a much smarter exercise than others. But what really makes this experience even more stunning is when you pair your Mac machines with some of the latest Mac accessories available out there. These not only boost your machines with extra power but also adds a touch of personalized style you'd want your Macs to flaunt. Here's a list of some of the latest trends from the world of Mac Accessories on The Gadget Flow you could pair with your Macs anyday and see the enhanced functionalities for yourself.


It's an ideal wooden airdesk that pairs smartly with your Macbooks anywhere on the go. Otherwise looking like a regular iSlate, this Macbook supporter is made out of bamboo with a lot of holes in it to allow easy passage of air. Once placed on your lap, the piece of wood ensures you do not feel any heat from the Macbook and work comfortably outdoors.

Jimi: USB Port Extension

Jimi is a stunning design from BlueLounge that makes sure you do not have to crane in order to access the USB ports behind your Mac machines anymore. It acts as a J-shaped USB extension for the iMac Slim Aluminium Unibody model. All you need to do is plug it on one of the USB ports behind your iMac and align it with the air-vent at the bottom. With that done, you'll be set to enjoy an easy data transfer process like never before.

Twelve South Bookarc Mod - Vertical Stand For Macbook, Walnut

In order to avoid making your desk look cluttered and messy, this is a special vertical stand made by Twelve South for your Macbooks. The Birch finish has quite a style of appearance which not only looks pretty but also elevates your Macbook to a level that makes the overall desk look neater than before. Not too much of a bulky design but extremely useful in the purpose it poses to solve.

BassJump 2 Subwoofer for MacBook

An appropriate accessory that can turn your Macbooks into an excellent sound system without incorporating unwanted cables and speakers. With just a single USB cable that serves both in transferring sound and power, this subwoofer can enhance your Macbook's sound system with a low frequency bass. Definitely a better sound experience but not at the cost of any cluttered mess.

Satechi F1 Smart Monitor Stand

A stand that wants your desktop table to be free from any kind of extra electronics with its efficiently constructed design. You can adjust your Mac desktops on two preferred heights and the space under the stand helps in storing all other junk from the table. It's got 4 USB ports and headphone and microphone ports as well so that you get to enjoy every bit of using a Mac but with a neatness in style.

PowerCurl Cord Wrap For MacBook Power Adapters

This unique masterpiece from Quirky comes with the notion of avoiding any kind of unwanted mess when using extension cords. It works smoothly with all Macbook adapters including Air, Pro and Retina. It's easy to wrap both ends around the device and then unravel whenever required without messing up things. Your workstation can finally look devoid of long adapter cords.

GhostStand for MacBook

It brings an opportunity to make your Macbooks float in air while you enjoy a desktop like appearance. Two sets of soft silicone rails does the job of keeping it grounded while creating this illusion of an elevated Macbook without support. Other than flaunting an unique style of elevation, the stand also ensures your Macbook stays cool by undergoing better airflow.


Made out of local German Wood, this is a stand that lifts your iMac to a better height in order to avoid unnecessary neck pain while you work. It's got an ergonomic design that complements with your iMac and makes the entire combination look a stunning beauty. There are two front USB ports as well which lets you easily connect your USB drive on the front instead of craning to do so from the back of the iMac.

Jivo Executive Macbook Air Leather Case

Super-efficient as a Macbook case, Jivo has been built out of genuine Brazilian Buffalo hide that makes the case look both smart and efficient altogether. The four elasticated straps in the interior protects your Macbooks from any bumpy shocks it may face while you travel outdoors. But other than providing absolute protection, it's also got a remarkable style of its own which can go well with your demeanor.

Landing Zone Pro For Macbook Air

If there's any docking station you could ever want for your Macbooks, it has to be the Landing Zone Pro. With super cool functionalities, it's got the potential to convert your Macbooks into a powerful desktop working station anyday. By bringing you a 4-port USB hub and Ethernet, plus a Security Slot, this docking station has made mobile working an easier job than before.


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