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July 29, 2020
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How does VoIP Work?

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VoIP, or voice over internet protocol, simply put, is a way to make phone calls over the internet with the use of an analog telephone adapter. In making "phone calls" in this manner, the user can often avoid the high charges from the phone company, especially in the case of long distance calls.

How does it Happen?

A VoIP provider converts the audio message (your voice) from analog form into digital form with an ATA (analog telephone adapter) so that the media can be sent over the internet. On the other end, the digital media is then converted back into an analog form as would be heard on a regular phone call.

At first, the process may sound foreign and complex, but it's really no different than making a regular phone call. It begins when you start to dial - the tones are converted to digital, sent over the internet, and then routed from your VoIP service provider to the public switched telephone network to make the connection to the intended recipient.

Once the call is connected, even if the phone on the other end has no digital capabilities, everything will go as is customary with a call placed through a regular phone service provider. Your voice will be converted into digital packets of media that will be transmitted over the internet seamlessly before being converted back into analog form and heard on the other end of the phone call.

You use your regular telephone, plugged into an adapter, just as you would during the process of making a phone call through a regular phone service provider, there are no changes at all in terms of usage other than where your phone is plugged in.

What you need to make the Change

This can depend on the VoIP service provider that you choose to use and how you choose to make your calls. There is software available that will allow you to use your PC as your phone, but in most cases if you choose to use your regular phone, all that you'll need is the analog telephone adapter which your VoIP service provider will supply to allow you to plug your phone into the internet.

Since your entire phone call takes place having been transmitted in digital form through your internet connection, you avoid using the standard phone company's equipment and service entirely, which means that you'll also avoid incurring said phone company's outrageous charges as well - even if you are making long distance phone calls.

Voice over internet protocol may sound like some very complex technology, and there is no doubt that it is, but as soon as the average person learns that using VoIP won't change a single thing about how he or she goes about making a phone call (with the exception of drastically lowering the price) the more it will catch on.

As with adopting, or changing to any new, unfamiliar form of technology there will be some bugs or glitches and some features (or lack thereof) that people won't like or that will take some time to get used to, but technology is changing fast for the better. VoIP service providers are constantly looking for ways of improving service and making the overall experience of switching over to voice over internet protocol a smoother and easier one. It may very well only be a matter of time before VoIP is no longer just a threat to the standard phone service providers of today, but the main source of how average people connect with others.

It probably shouldn't come as much of a surprise that you can already integrate a VOIP Asterix Phone system into your office. Lower the cost of your monthly plans, including the cost of long distance calls, and enjoy the reliability, availability and accessibility of VoIP for your employees.


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