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April 9, 2020
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Hip Hop Beats Made Easy as One, Two, Three, Four

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Are you a budding musician who wants to know how to make hip hop beats? You don't need to have formal training in music in order to indulge your passion for it. You can make your own hip hop beats in order to entertain your friends or to make music for a special occasion. These beats are basically all of the elements of a hip hop song without the vocals which you can add later on if required.

The basis of any hip hop beat is making a drum groove that is usually four or eight measures long. Absolute beginners can easily use royalty free drum grooves and loops that are available online absolutely free of cost. You can also design your own beat using MIDI once you gain confidence. Once you have your drum groove in place you need to add a bass line that compliments the drums. Here too, you can make an original one using MIDI however most people just use pre-recorded ones. You then have to round off the back ground music with orchestration. You can use any instrument that you are comfortable with as long as it goes well with the beat you have already created.

Once you have created the music of your choice, you should add a bit of pre-recorded music to it. This is known as sampling and it adds great value to your hip hop beats. You have to be very careful to take permission of the person whose work you are sampling especially if it is copyrighted. Many unknown musicians offer their work to be sampled in order to make them popular.

You can also use hip hot beat makers if you want to get your music done in a hurry or if you are not satisfied with your efforts at doing it in the method detailed above. These beat makers come in various varieties and they are software that offer you fully loaded interfaces. They offer lots of interesting features that help you create music easily. These features include virtual instruments, mixers and lots of audio and MIDI tracks. Creating beats is very easy with the help of this software since you do not have to do more than drag and drop various audio samples. The various samples and loops that the software contains are royalty free which means that you can use them in any way possible and as often as you want.

You can buy software to make hip hop beats if you plan to make this music often because it is certainly a worthwhile investment. You might have to look around to find the best one and advice from other people who use them will be very useful. You can also download free beat maker software. In time, and with a lot of practice, you will be able to build up your music from scratch to create something that sounds very professional. You can be assured of having a great time creating your own hip hop music and adding your vocals to it irrespective of which method you use.


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